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What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

November 30, 2021 in

Forward-thinking businesses are always looking for ways to improve their sales processes. Sales growth is key to organizational success, but manual and inconsistent processes can harm customer relationships. With the right sales tools, however, representatives have the resources they need to succeed.

Many organizations use Salesforce Sales Cloud, a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform, to power their sales processes. Built for sales representatives, Sales Cloud contains key features that can help your organization secure more deals and grow revenue.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Features

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customizable CRM platform that is part of the Salesforce suite of enterprise applications. This solution centralizes data about customers, leads, and sales in one place, and provides valuable productivity tools to support your sales representatives. 

Some key features of Sales Cloud include the following.

  • Contact Management: Your sales representatives can access information about all of your organization’s contacts and accounts in one place on Sales Cloud. This solution provides a complete view of your customers, from previous communications and key contact information.
  • Opportunity Management: This solution provides your team with a complete view of your organization’s sales opportunities. You can access data about your products, quote rules, competitors, and other important information necessary to drive sales. 
  • Sales Forecasting: Sales Cloud collects data across sales channels and provides analytics to help businesses understand their performance. Using this solution, you can identify opportunities to drive revenue. 
  • Process Automation: This solution automates manual sales tasks previously handled by representatives, such as tracking activity, sending email alerts, and monitoring workflows.
  • Sales Cloud Einstein: This artificial intelligence (AI) solution automates data entry and provides predictive analytics for sales process. Using this solution, you can identify opportunities for conversions.

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

By implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, your organization can position itself for future growth. Sales Cloud automates the sales process and uses simple tools to customize workflows to fit your business. Using this solution, manual processes are eliminated, and your sales representatives have more time to focus on innovative tasks, such as strengthening customer relationships.

Additionally, Sales Cloud helps representatives visualize the sales funnel and understand what they need to do next to secure a deal. Your sales team can access data collected by Salesforce in one location and identify the optimal opportunity to connect with a lead, maximizing your chances of a sale. Using this solution, your business can grow revenue.

You can also implement advanced capabilities on Service Cloud, such as AI, into your workflows. These solutions can automatically complete tasks such as ranking your most promising leads, reminding representatives of follow-up opportunities, and autodialing phone numbers. With these capabilities in place, your organization can stay ahead of competitors and continuously evolve your sales processes.

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If your business wants to implement Sales Cloud, you need a team of knowledgeable Salesforce specialists on your side. Investing in implementation services can help your organization swiftly and securely onboard to Salesforce, improving efficiency and resilience in the process. 

In these situations, trust the experts at HigherEchelon. Our Salesforce implementation specialists have the skills, knowledge, tools, and experience necessary to configure Sales Cloud for your business workflows. Contact us today to learn more about our Salesforce services and start planning your digital transformation.