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Salesforce Releases

Partner Picks: Our Favorite Salesforce Summer ’24 Release Features

Summer is on the way, and for some in the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s coming as soon as mid-May. With exciting enhancements, community ideas delivered, new features, and more, the last release of 2024 promises to be an exciting one. Let’s talk about what a release is. If you are an existing Salesforce user, your...
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Get Ready for the Feature Packed Salesforce Spring ’24 Release

January 23, 2024 in
With winter in full swing, it’s time to start looking forward to spring and the Salesforce Spring ’24 release! If you’re new to the Salesforce ecosystem, Salesforce delivers community ideas, enhancements to existing tools, exciting new features, and more three times each year. This means all customers use the same version of the platform,...
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Winter is Coming, and So Is the Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release

Winter is Coming, and So Is the Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release

August 28, 2023 in
Summer is not officially over yet, but luckily, those of us in the Salesforce ecosystem do not have to wait another moment for the Winter ‘24 release. With enhancements to existing tools, community ideas delivered, exciting new features, and more, there’s no better way to close out the year. What's a release? Salesforce periodically...
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Ten Exciting Features in the Salesforce Spring '23 Release

Ten Exciting Features in the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release

January 6, 2023 in
By Katie Levy Though it may not feel like spring for some of us, it is time for the Salesforce Spring ’23 release! With enhancements, new features, community ideas delivered, and more, it is our first of three opportunities to take advantage of Salesforce’s free, real-time innovation in 2023. New to the Salesforce ecosystem...
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Salesforce Summer '22 Release Highlights

11 Exciting Features and Announcements in the Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release

It is that time again – Salesforce release time! Are you new to the Salesforce ecosystem and not sure what this means for you? Are you a seasoned pro and curious about what Salesforce has in store for us? Regardless of your role or experience level, we have you covered with a review of...
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