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Efficient Employee Onboarding & Credential Management with Salesforce

Do Your Employee Onboarding and Credential Tracking Efforts Match Today’s Standards?

Manual processes can hinder HR efficiency, especially during high-volume hiring periods. This includes everything from recruiting to hiring, onboarding, and the employee experience. Employees expect the same ease of use in their work environments as they experience with mobile devices, and to keep pace with technological advancements, talent management systems must evolve.

First, our solutions utilize Salesforce’s capabilities to collect and analyze data, facilitating informed hiring decisions and supporting achievement of strategic goals. Second, efficient employee onboarding is crucial, encompassing essential paperwork and fostering connections with colleagues. Outdated processes can leave a negative first impression. Finally, there’s the employee experience upon hire and throughout the employee journey. We also support integrating onboarding and credential management with Salesforce, helping prepare organizations for success in today’s competitive landscape.

Simplify the Entire Employee Lifecycle with Salesforce

HigherEchelon helps streamline processes to ensure new employees start smoothly and efficiently by automating tasks, centralizing workflows, and enhancing communication, eliminating excessive paperwork and emails. Tailored checklists guide employees through required tasks, providing clarity and reducing administrative burden. Real-time status updates keep stakeholders informed, promoting efficiency and minimizing confusion.

And we know employee engagement extends beyond onboarding, impacting organizational performance. We offer comprehensive solutions that address the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting to ongoing development, including credentialing.

Seamlessly Transition from Onboarding to the Employee Experience and Credential Management. Challenges Solved.

The importance of human capital ROI is obvious – investing in professional certifications is one of the best ways a company can foster a culture of learning and growth, while also demonstrating a baseline of industry-proficient expertise to potential clients.

As technology advances, so must talent management systems. Organizations need to collect and analyze data related to employee credentials to recruit more effectively and advance strategic goals. Leverage credential data to guide hiring, training, and business decisions. With custom dashboards and analytics, visualize your team’s skills and identify gaps to drive growth and success. Empower HR teams with insights into recruitment impact and career velocity.

HigherEchelon can seamlessly integrate credential management into your Talent Management System using the Salesforce platform. Our solutions enable employees to update credentials easily and provide HR teams with real-time visibility into workforce capabilities. We know it works because we use it ourselves.

Talent Management Does Not End with Onboarding

Continued nurture programs can influence productivity, continual development, and satisfaction. A properly architected Salesforce solution guides the employee from recruitment to hire to onboarding to training to continuous administration and operations support.

We can set up a seamless solution for you that solves numerous human resources challenges at the same time and maximized your return on investment of your Salesforce platform.

Read the white paper we co-authored with Salesforce for a fuller description of the employee experience solutions we provide through our Salesforce consulting and implementations — Modernizing the Employee Experience: Driving Organizational Performance Through Digital Transformation — Modernizing the Employee Experience: Driving Organizational Performance Through Digital Transformation