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Struggling to Keep Track of and Resolve Support Requests?

In departments like Information Technology (IT) and Human Resources (HR), managing both internal and external support requests can be overwhelming without a formal tracking system. Employees face difficulties in navigating the process, often unsure whom to contact and how to follow up. Overwhelmed support teams may struggle with email management, leading to decreased effectiveness and organizational repercussions.

Implementing efficient support tracking systems streamlines processes, prevents bottlenecks, and ensures timely service delivery to employees. Embracing such solutions can enhance employee satisfaction and improve service quality.

Let Us Revolutionize Your Support Operation Through Automation.

Automating and streamlining processes is essential for saving time, money, and resources, and improving employee morale and customer experience. Research by Salesforce indicates that 77% of US adults prioritize companies that value their time. Consequently, there’s growing pressure on organizations to provide efficient support services that demonstrate appreciation for employees’ time.

What Is an Automated Support Ticket System, and Why Does Your Organization Need One?

The term “support ticket system” refers to a computer software package or cloud-based solution that handles a wide variety of issues and recommendations for your organization. It is ultimately a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to aid your company in handling employee requests more efficiently.

Our team of experts specializes in implementing automated support ticket systems using the Salesforce platform. This solution streamlines support request management, enhances visibility into ongoing issues, and improves communication between employees and support teams. Through a user-friendly interface, employees can easily submit requests, which are automatically routed to the appropriate departments. This system allows for real-time communication, progress tracking, and easy access to support information throughout the ticket lifecycle. Additionally, the functionality can be extended to cover various types of requests, including IT support, software assistance, HR inquiries, and continuous improvement recommendations.

Internal Support Done Right Using Salesforce

Our team can integrate with your organization’s existing Salesforce implementation or set up a new instance to support your ticketing system needs. We collaborate with organizations to understand support types, ticket workflows, departmental setups for receiving requests, required automations, and email alerts. Once requirements are established, we handle all technical setup and solutioning.

  • The cloud-based Salesforce platform provides instant access to all ticket data, and can be set up to make ticket resolution faster and easier.
  • This type of solution provides smoother internal communication channels, including the ability to have transparent, documented conversations on a ticket, about a ticket, for easy information exchange.
  • Live status updates, improved customer service, and automated routing help get the ticket to the right department the first time, and keep all interested parties in the loop.
  • With the Salesforce platform’s flexibility, organizations have the option to automate as needed, including changes and processes that take in employee requests to update personal information and automatically propagate those changes throughout the platform.
  • Ticket alerts can be set up to ensure no ticket goes unnoticed, or forgotten, and tickets can be closed automatically according to predefined rules.
  • Customizable ticket analytics, dashboards, and reporting capabilities help your organization understand trends and where process improvements might be needed.

These are just a few of the many ways support automation through Salesforce ultimately saves your company time and money. Instead of employing extra people to monitor and sort emails, automated support ticket software can perform these tasks and get them to the right audience without risking the element of human error.