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Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Solutions with Salesforce

Could Your Talent Management Processes Use Improvement?

In today’s competitive talent acquisition landscape, modern and reliable systems are essential. Transitioning from older systems can be daunting, raising questions about the best tools, data migration, and managing ongoing operations. These concerns require expert guidance, which is where we step in.

At HigherEchelon, we specialize in solving recruitment and talent management challenges through Salesforce. We understand the complexities of these disciplines, and out solutions leverage the Salesforce Platform to help organizations swiftly identify, reach out to, and hire the right candidates.

Applicant Tracking – Simplified

Our solutions utilize the Salesforce Platform to streamline recruiting, tracking, and onboarding talent, making the process paperless and mobile-friendly, and allowing for seamless tracking of candidates from the initial stage through their entire employee journey. This involves creating job postings, tracking applicant status, coordinating with stakeholders, tracking interviews, supporting communication, and more.  Automated processes save time and money, ensuring scalability as your organization grows. We aim to improve processes, reduce manual data entry, enhance collaboration, and elevate overall employee experiences.

Talent Management Solutions Designed for the Long Term

Modern, successful recruiting efforts take the long view — moving through a series of strategic steps that leverage the power of the Salesforce platform to deliver a connected, seamless experience from recruitment through a long-term career. Organizations that stand out make the recruitment process easy, paperless, and mobile in order to reach candidates on their preferred channels. And we know how to build tools on the Salesforce platform to support an organization’s entire process because we’ve done it ourselves.

Accelerated Recruitment with Integrated Job Posting Portal – Extend Your Reach with Indeed Integration

Our integrated job posting portal streamlines and scales recruitment processes by consolidating job posts into one platform. We replace multiple job sites with an integrated job posting site, simplifying management and data analysis. Job posts entered in Salesforce automatically appear on your company’s job posting site with just one click.

An example of our capabilities is our integration with Indeed.com, which extends the reach of job postings to Indeed’s user base while maintaining control through Salesforce. Indeed’s ‘scraping’ service mirrors postings from your site onto theirs, directing applicants to your application page with the ‘Apply on Company Site’ button. This integration combines the reach of external platforms like Indeed with the control of Salesforce for efficient recruiting.

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Optimize Recruiting and Talent Management Through Expert Salesforce Configurations

Talent Management Extends Beyond Recruitment

Onboarding and nurture programs significantly impact productivity, development, and satisfaction. While HR traditionally manages these programs, retention improves when recruitment teams stay involved post-hire. Forward-thinking companies involve recruiters in post-hire activities to validate candidate success and refine the hiring process.

An effective Salesforce implementation streamlines recruitment processes, adapting to technological advancements and competitive hiring landscapes. At HigherEchelon, we’ve developed efficient ways to leverage Salesforce for candidate recruitment, drawing from our own successful use of these tools.

Read the white paper we co-authored with Salesforce for a fuller description of the talent management solutions we provide through our Salesforce consulting and implementations — Talent Management – A Fresh Look at Recruitment