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Leveraging Salesforce’s Education Cloud in Government Environments

Ready to Modernize Your Student Information System?

In today’s dynamic higher education landscape, institutions need robust Student Information Systems (SIS) to effectively manage student data, streamline administrative processes, facilitate enrollment, track academic processes, and enhance student experiences. Salesforce offers powerful solutions tailored to the unique needs of higher education professionals, enabling institutions to transform any SIS and drive student success.

With Salesforce, institutions can leverage advanced analytics, automation tools, and personalized engagement strategies to enhance student experiences and improve outcomes.

What About Your Learning Management System?

From employee onboarding to student or client intake sessions, internal professional development series, or other types of trainings, organizational resources can become swamped by recurring training needs. Often, trainers and trainees are both best served when trainings are recorded and stored in an easy-to-access Learning Management System (LMS) that automatically tracks progress, allows a trainee to move at their own pace, and relieves organizations of live training tasks or other unscalable processes.

Beyond student data, many institutions pair an SIS with an (LMS) to facilitate the delivery of training and educational content. LMSs create multiple advantages for organizations such as:

  • Superior employee experience
  • Increased productivity
  • More efficient use of resources, including time and money
  • Ensure mandatory trainings are completed
  • Provide accurate data to stakeholders
  • Improve communication

What Does an Integrated Student Information System, Learning Management System, and Seamless Experience Look Like?

There is a distinct advantage to integrating the LMS with any SIS, or even a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Doing so provides a streamlined process for organizing training catalogs that work together with CRM data in a central location, whereas having a separate LMS can often add complexity and inefficiency to workflow.

As an award-winning Salesforce consulting partner, we believe Salesforce is the best platform for many use cases due the endless opportunities for customization and integration depending on goals and needs, including an SIS and an LMS. We work with customers to choose the right LMS software, then take care of all the technical details to integrate the LMS with their Salesforce environment.

Imagine one portal where everyone including recruits, applicants, new employees, current employees, and clients can log in at a single point of entry to manage required forms and take training. Envision a workforce where valuable data analytics are not stored on different systems — but rather all accessible in the same portal, providing insights throughout an employee or client’s journey within your organization. Picture training that is not siloed into various divisions and stored in disparate OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts, but rather all stored together and accessible to everyone on one easy-to-access platform.

This is the power of an integrated LMS and Salesforce solution with profound time and cost-saving implications. We can set this up for your organization and relieve the burden of training processes that are outdated, inefficient, or no longer keep pace with employee and customer expectations.

Other benefits include:

  • Making life easier for team members who are responsible for identifying and assessing individual and organizational learning goals.
  • Tracking progress toward learning goals and collecting and presenting data during the learning process is simple and seamless.
  • Provides project teams with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in their roles while remaining compliant with mandatory training.
  • Provides performance-based tasks to include skill gap analysis, and enhances organizational knowledge and consistency.
  • Reductions in travel, optimization of training expenditures, and is remote workforce-ready.
  • Automatic assignments and reminders for training to employees, helping eliminate errors that occur while syncing, importing, and maintaining data between multiple platforms.
  • Easy generation of valuable training dashboards, reports, and data analytics, aiding in the execution of audits on company training.

Benefit Closer Look: Audit Support

An integrated SIS and LMS on the Salesforce platform provides support during compliance audits of training requirements within any organization or agency. In addition, the flexible reporting structure helps auditors in extracting a more detailed analysis through custom reports and dashboards. HigherEchelon uses an LMS for our internal training – LearnTrac – which is a 100% native learning solution to support training needs for various learning styles, helping increase training engagement, and providing valuable insights to drive results.

How Can We Support Your SIS and LMS Needs?

We are our own first customer in the talent management realm, using Salesforce products and native applications to support our recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and employee retention efforts, and beyond. We can work with any organization or agency to understand your unique training needs and goals, then leverage our extensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform to map out a comprehensive digital transformation that takes the long-view and sets you up for easy-to-maintain success in a long-term solution.

We map out any obstacles you foresee in organizational change management and provide effective employee training and guidance to establish buy-in and train teams in the technical and emotional aspects of moving to a new system and process. We utilize Agile methodology and an iterative process to establish the LMS configuration with Salesforce, collaborating and communicating with stakeholders at every step to ensure the best possible product for the end-user.

The best part? We are a one-stop-shop capable of handling the full lifecycle from conception through training and ongoing support. Our highly certified staff of Salesforce consultants are not only proficient in the technical competencies necessary to establish your learning management system. We also have on-staff Ph.D.-level change management experts with Prosci and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications to ensure digital transitions are seamless and long-term adoption is established. For additional support, our team of ICF-certified executive coaches are available to provide leaders and teams with tools to overcome any internal barriers to success.