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Solve Government Problems with Salesforce Public Sector Solutions

April 11, 2023 in

According to the 2022 Salesforce Connected Government Report, 60% of people say that governments need to modernize how they deliver services to constituents. By modernizing inefficient legacy systems, state, local, and federal agencies can build thriving communities, deliver the best possible services to constituents, and support citizen engagement.

But when it comes to improving aspects of government systems that support licensing and permitting, inspections, emergency response, grants management, and more, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Enter, Salesforce Public Sector Solutions!

More and more government organizations are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) technologies like Salesforce to support modernization of services. Built on the Salesforce platform and Service Cloud, Public Sector Solutions (PSS) can help agencies quickly deploy flexible, scalable solutions for a variety of use cases at all levels of government.

Salesforce Public Sector Solutions Applications and Architecture

Though many government agencies have common use cases, there’s no perfect one-size-fits-all approach. But with PSS, combinations of pre-built applications and components can quickly and easily help agencies address specific needs, providing a 360-degree view of constituents.

The PSS data model uses standard Salesforce objects along with Service Cloud and industry-specific functionality. Let’s review four pre-built applications – Emergency Program Management, Licensing and Permitting, Inspection Management, and Grants Management – that can help government agencies work more efficiently and effectively for all constituents.

Emergency Program Management. Unfortunately, crises happen every day, and government agencies must act quickly to protect and support communities in need. In emergency situations such as natural disasters, pandemics, and other disasters, the safety and well-being of constituents must take priority.

Built specifically for these use cases, Emergency Program Management provides agencies with the ability to move faster, communicate quickly, coordinate personnel and resources, support communities at scale, streamline request processes, and report efforts in an effective and timely manner.

The application also ensures responders in the field can plan, track, and execute emergency response on mobile devices and provide updates in real time to those who need to communicate directly with constituents. It’s a perfect model to accelerate resolution in emergencies and support constituents in need.

Grants Management. From reviewing applications to awarding grants, distributing funds, and reporting, Salesforce PSS helps agencies make the entire grants management process easier and more efficient for all involved.

Government agencies can quickly launch new grants with the help of pre-built templates and send targeted announcements. With the use of smart forms and step-by-step guidance in grant portals, constituents can save time applying for assistance and track their application status.

With both agencies and constituents working on the same platform, with the same data, review is simple. Reviewers can efficiently collaborate within the platform, update applicants on the review process, and process disbursements. Grant recipients can provide progress reports, keeping all information stored in one place.

This single source of truth helps agencies make better data driven decisions about future efforts and ensures grant recipients can stay on top of the process.

License & Permit Management. Both constituents and agencies can benefit from the Public Sector Solutions License and Permit Management application.

For constituents hoping to open a business, for example, looking up the required licenses and permits, paying fees, submitting applications, and getting questions answered quickly is key. Knowing where to start can be difficult. The Licensing and Permit application supports the use of intuitive, guided application forms to support unique needs. Fee calculations can be automated, and payments can be easily submitted.

For agencies, reviewers can see a complete view of applications, recommended next actions, insights, and collaborate on approvals. Communication with constituents is easy using email notifications, and by ensuring all information is stored in one location.

Inspections Management. Ensuring the health and safety of communities is paramount, and the Salesforce Public Sector Solutions Inspections Management application can help. Using inspections management, agencies can support transparency with stakeholders while maintaining inspections and ensuring compliance.

When a request for service as part of an application is submitted or a complaint is lodged, reviewers can set up inspection visits, and assign and dispatch the appropriate resources.

Inspectors can take inspections requirements on the road with the Salesforce mobile app and utilize customizable checklists to ensure no steps are missed. If the inspector finds a violation, they can immediately upload images and send an email to notify stakeholders of a violation. This solution simplifies the overall inspection process and ensures all necessary items are checked for final approval.

Benefits of Implementing Salesforce for Government and Public Sector Agencies

Providing comprehensive responses to constituents, delivering value to stakeholders, and supporting healthy communities is critical for government and public sector agencies. Using Salesforce Public Sector Solutions, agencies can:

  • Enable employees to access necessary information from any location
  • Reduce overhead and simplify processes for maximum effectiveness
  • Increase speed and expand service portfolios, enhancing constituent engagement and satisfaction

Additionally, Salesforce includes advanced security features with the use of Salesforce Government Cloud, available for all levels of government. Public Sector Solutions security provides ensures agencies can comply with regulations. This includes regulations such as the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Salesforce includes single sign-on security services, server authentication, and data encryption, protecting sensitive information across a government agency.

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Salesforce is configurable to support government agencies and other organizations in the public sector. But these solutions will need to comply with strict regulations. Salesforce is the right technology and HigherEchelon is the right partner to help implement Public Sector Solution for your agency. We’ve helped public sector clients maximize their Salesforce platform and improve efficiency across the board.

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