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Introduction to Salesforce OmniStudio

June 19, 2023 in

Salesforce OmniStudio is a suite of tools enabling quick and easy configuration of seamless, feature-rich, branded, industry-specific user experiences without code. For those familiar with Salesforce configuration, this may sound like flow and other existing tools Salesforce provides. And the concepts are similar, but OmniStudio includes user interface and styling capabilities typically only achievable through coded Lightning Web Components, among other features, making it even more powerful than existing tools.

OmniStudio became a part of the Salesforce toolset when Salesforce acquired Vlocity in 2020. It’s already a key component of Salesforce Public Sector Solutions and will be a key toolset in general going forward. There’s no better time than now to explore key pieces of the OmniStudio architecture, use cases, and how HigherEchelon is already well positioned to support your needs through OmniStudio.

Admins and developers can still configure page layouts, use Dynamic Forms, develop their own Lightning web components, and create screen flows to support forms and data entry. But OmniStudio’s Digital Experience layer, which includes OmniScripts and FlexCards, supports a seamless, branded customer experience.

OmniScripts provide a guided path to complete a business process. OmniScripts support display text and image customization to enhance usability, call actions such as sending an email or saving data, calculations and conditional messages, insertion of other OmniScripts, and more. Designers can use drag-and-drop configuration tools with more styling and flexibility than existing tools, without code.

FlexCards can quickly summarize and display context-relevant information and tasks, providing easy to use beginning and ending points for customer transactions. For example, a customer’s name, address, how long they’ve been a customer, the weather at their location, and related information about them can all be dynamically displayed. Then, clickable actions to update their address, contact details, or other information can display as well, all in one place, and on any device.

Multiple FlexCards can be combined into an Interaction Console and can be styled to match an organization’s branding. Unlike OmniScripts, which can take inputs from a user, FlexCards simply display information and actions. Both FlexCards and OmniScripts are generated as Lightning Web Components when activated, meaning, Salesforce generates associated code behind the scenes; there’s no need to write it on your own.

The Service Management layer features DataRaptors and Integration Procedures. Together, they can read, write, and transform data both within and outside of Salesforce.

DataRaptors provide the ability to see, modify, and transform data in Salesforce without having to use code. The four types of DataRaptors can retrieve data from a Salesforce object (Turbo Extract), retrieve data from multiple Salesforce objects (Extract), save data to Salesforce objects (Load), and transform data from Salesforce or external data sources (Transform).

Integration Procedures are exactly what they sound like – processes used to view and modify data from Salesforce or external sources. But, like DataRaptors, Integration Procedures allow for complex data work without writing code, making them easier to maintain and faster to create. Admins and developers can write logic, perform calculations, send emails, and let users perform multiple actions in a single transaction.

Combined, this architecture expands capabilities available through existing tools and elevates the user experience. OmniStudio also supports downloading entire DataPacks, making it easy to transfer functionality from one org to another.

The power of OmniStudio lies in the ease with which Salesforce professionals can quickly configure business specific workflows. Use cases can include:

  • Guiding customers through selecting an insurance policy while displaying existing policies and coverage
  • Providing customers with an easy self-service process, such as updating contact and other information, and print key documents straight from the OmniScript
  • Guiding individuals through an application process, allowing them to save as they go, and automate decision factors instantly with an explainer to the applicant
  • Providing contextual information about a customer calling in for help, displaying data conditionally, and triggering actions based on customer service needs
  • Create an e-Signature process to capture individual’s signature within an application or other business process
  • Providing contextual information about a customer calling in for help, displaying data conditionally, and triggering actions based on customer service needs

HigherEchelon Can Help

OmniStudio is relatively new as of this posting, but HigherEchelon’s Salesforce team already has multiple Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultants, OmniStudio Developers, and Public Sector Solutions experts.

Curious about how OmniStudio may help your organization or agency? Click here to learn more about our Salesforce consulting services, and click here to contact us today!