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Is Your Data Safe on Salesforce?

May 31, 2022 in

As a business, data security is a top priority. When you implement customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce in your organization, you want to ensure that your information is safe and protected. 

It is very common to wonder if your data is safe on Salesforce. Fortunately, Salesforce includes many important safeguards that are designed to protect your CRM system from potential threats and unauthorized users. Here’s what you need to know about data security on Salesforce.

Potential Risks of Using Salesforce

CRM platforms contain lots of important information, including customer details, business practices, contacts, pricing, and supply chain details. Any unauthorized users who access this data can put your organization at risk. 

Additionally, Salesforce is a very popular CRM offering. Because of this, it may be a target for hackers that may want to get their hands on sensitive business data. 

While Salesforce does have a number of protections in place, data security is a multi-step process. There are a number of approaches that you will need to take in advance to ensure that your data is safe while your organization is using this software.

Ways to Keep Your Data Safe on Salesforce

Salesforce includes a number of built-in security protections that protect its customers’ data from harm. Organizations can also implement their own security strategy to better protect their unique company structure. As a result, security is a joint responsibility between the organization and Salesforce itself.

Here are a few key strategies to keep your data safe on Salesforce.

Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication

As cybersecurity threats grow in frequency and sophistication, passwords are no longer sufficient to protect against unauthorized users. As of February 2022, Salesforce requires all customers to use multi-factor authentication when using its software.

This security feature requires users to validate their identities using at least two methods before accessing a system. For example, the user may enter a password and then enter a code that is sent via text message.

Perform a Salesforce Health Check

One tool that Salesforce provides is Salesforce Security Health Check, which provides a grade for the system’s security in various areas. The tool generates recommendations to help fix and secure potential vulnerabilities. Perform a security health check on a regular basis to ensure that every component is protected.

Back Up Your Data on a Regular Basis

Interruptions and glitches can occur at any time. In the event of an outage, it is important to have a copy of your company’s data on hand for backups. You can configure a number of backup strategies to meet your organization’s needs. 

Take Advantage of Salesforce Shield

Salesforce Shield is a powerful tool that adds an extra layer of data security. This tool encrypts business-critical applications, protecting your company’s sensitive information while meeting regulatory compliance mandates.

Interested in Salesforce Implementation? Contact HigherEchelon 

Salesforce is a valuable tool that bring several benefits to an organization. Its sophisticated infrastructure includes many important safeguards for data security. However, proper installation and configuration is necessary to ensure that these protections are in place.

In these situations, the Salesforce implementation experts at HigherEchelon can help. Contact us today to learn more about our Salesforce implementation services and what we can do for you.