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4 Reasons to Consider Using Pardot

September 1, 2022 in

Pardot is an automated marketing tool that is used for lead generation and nurturing. For many businesses, this software can be powerful. It enables marketing teams to track and measure your communications with customers and leads and gain valuable insights into the behavior of the people who matter most.

If you are looking for a powerful communication tool, this software may be a valuable asset for your business. Here are four reasons that your business should consider using Pardot.

#1: Access to Automated Marketing Tools

Pardot can help your business streamline and centralize your marketing campaigns to ensure consistency among your communications. There are several features on Pardot for marketing automation, including the following:

  • Lead Generation and Management: Using Pardot, you can capture user information from landing pages, social posts, web forms, and other sources. Then, you can manage these leads by accessing tools for qualification, segmentation, and nurturing. You can build Engagement Paths, or customer journeys, to devise the optimal marketing funnel for each lead.
  • Reporting: You can access valuable insights about your team’s performance using Pardot. The software offers several reporting tools so that you can track returns on investment, conversion metrics, and other important findings. You can leverage these insights to drive organizational success.
  • Email Marketing: The base version of Pardot supports up to 10,000 individual email addresses, and you can configure the software to include even more contacts. Teams across your organization can access these contacts and create emails from scratch or a template. Then, you can track the performance of your email campaigns on Pardot.

#2: Seamless Integration with Other Salesforce Tools

Because Pardot is a Salesforce product, you can seamlessly integrate it with other applications. The combined power of multiple Salesforce apps can help your business operate in a smarter, more efficient way.

One of the most powerful Salesforce tools is Einstein, an artificial intelligence software that generates insights based on your data. You can integrate Einstein with Pardot to better understand your marketing data and devise strategies to better connect with your customers and connections.

#3: An Attractive, Clean User Interface

Pardot has a very clean and attractive user interface that is simple for people to use. Employees can be quickly onboarded onto the software and get to work faster with minimal training. Dashboards on Pardot are easy-to-read and have intuitive icons, which further add to its usability. 

#4: Opportunities for Customization

No two businesses are the same, and your software should reflect the needs of your organization. Pardot is highly customizable and allows you to configure tools and dashboards to your liking. You can refine multiple processes along the sales funnel, personalizing the experience for your employees and empowering them to perform their best work.

Speak to the Salesforce Implementation Experts at HigherEchelon

Software like Pardot can completely transform a business, drive revenue, and simplify communications processes. If your organization wants to adopt Pardot or another Salesforce tool, it is important to have an implementation specialist on your side.

At HigherEchelon, our team of Salesforce implementation experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to integrate Pardot into your organization. We can help you configure and customize the software to your needs and train your team on how to best leverage these tools.

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