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3 Industries That Surprisingly Benefit from Salesforce Implementation

March 6, 2023 in

Salesforce is a powerful cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform built to help organizations manage business-critical functions and connect with customers and stakeholders in new ways.

The platform’s near infinite flexibility and scalability makes it an ideal solution for organizations across industries. Whether you sell products or services, work in the public or private sector, provide support to stakeholders, use email marketing, or need to track of customer touchpoints, Salesforce provides clear benefits for diverse organizations with a variety of use cases.

Government and Public Sector Organizations. We live in a connected world, and constituent demand for connected digital experiences extends beyond the private sector. Modernizing the public sector experience can increase efficiency, improve constituent relationships, and ensure organizations can operate with a mission-first approach.

Public Sector Solutions from Salesforce can help organizations move faster with more transparency and collaborate more effectively with constituents. The suite of tools includes purpose-built apps for everything from license and permit management to inspection management, grants management, and emergency program management. Click here to learn more and contact us if this solution sounds like the right one for your organization.

Nonprofit Organizations. Nonprofit organizations do incredible work to make the world a better place, and the right technology makes that work easier. According to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Trends Report, nonprofits recognize the importance of technology in achieving missions and goals, but have trouble realizing the full potential of technology. While 74% of nonprofits surveyed recognize digital transformation is a ‘need-to-have’ or ‘must-have,’ many are not prepared to take on such a transformation. Resource constraints, budget constraints, competing priorities, and other challenges make such transformation difficult.

But the benefits are significant. Salesforce for Nonprofits is a complete set of solutions built by Salesforce.org, a social impact center. It provides the ability to track and manage stakeholders, fundraise, manage programs, and help organizations achieve their missions. Nonprofit Success Pack coupled with the Power of Us Program illustrate Salesforce’s commitment to partnering with organizations to tackle some of the world’s biggest, most complex challenges. Curious about implementing Salesforce’s nonprofit tools, including customizing Nonprofit Success Pack? We’re here to help.

Financial Services Organizations. Organizations in the financial sector, such as banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, wealth management advisors, and insurance agencies can benefit from Salesforce. Companies can use the secure platform to:

  • Understand customer behavior and expand relationships
  • Streamline processes like mortgage lending and fundraising
  • Make smarter and faster decisions
  • Comply with strict regulations

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud support financial services organizations in variety of ways. It provides tools to reimagine contact centers in banking, simplify customer experiences across all industries, manage the customer lifecycle, and unify experiences across the front, middle, and back office. But using Financial Services Cloud isn’t a requirement. Given the platform’s flexibility, other cloud products can be used to support financial services organizations. Learn more here.

Healthcare organizations can use Salesforce to improve patient relationships and support high quality care through Salesforce Health Cloud. Designed with medical providers, payers, and suppliers in mind, it provides several secure features to support healthcare organizations. This platform complies with HIPAA regulations as well, protecting patient.

Media companies can also leverage Salesforce to manage processes across channels through Salesforce Media Cloud. Salesforce centralizes data from multiple platforms at the same time, providing sales and marketing teams with a complete view of company activities. Leveraging this visibility, teams can create impactful strategies to engage with customers and build lasting relationships.

Harnessing real-time data and intelligence is also key for energy and utilities organizations to help streamline operations, reduce costs, and grow. Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud can help put customers at the center while reducing cost.

Does Your Organization Need Salesforce Implementation Help?

From financial services and public sector to healthcare and beyond, Salesforce can bring benefits to many industries. But like any other tool in your toolkit, value is best realized when it’s designed for and applied to your use case. That’s where HigherEchelon comes in. Our Salesforce implementation specialists can help you configure the Salesforce platform quickly and cost-effectively.

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