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What Is the Difference Between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

June 15, 2021 in

If your organization is exploring Salesforce to handle your workflows, you may wonder about the difference between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. These two main clouds are both built on the core software platform and share similar features, but they also contain key differences that are important to understand.

What Is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud handles the management, automation, and evaluation of an organization’s sales processes. Sales representatives and managers can leverage this platform to communicate with customers, understand their prospects better, and construct sales strategies for optimal success.

Sales Cloud can handle many important sales processes, including the following:

  • Lead Management: Using features such as Lead Assignment Rules, Lead Auto-Response Rules, and other automated services, sales representatives can capture leads and nurture prospects through the conversion funnel. You can integrate Salesforce to facilitate communication with customers through multiple channels and capture information about leads to target their needs more accurately.
  • Opportunity Management and Forecasting: When a lead turns into a potential customer, these prospective sales enter the Opportunity Management feature of the Service Cloud. With this feature, you can define sales processes according to your company policies and implement configurable Salesforce Paths to guide representatives to conversion. You can use this feature to forecast sales, monitor clients, and report key data on projections and performance.
  • Quote Building: Representatives can use Sales Cloud to provide customized pricing to customers. This feature allows representatives to add products, quantities, special pricing, and discounts to deliver accurate quotes and increase customer satisfaction. This data is then integrated with specific customer accounts, providing centralized data on sales and conversions.

What Is Salesforce Service Cloud?

While Salesforce Sales Cloud is geared towards sales professionals and managers, Service Cloud provides functionalities for customer service agents and their supervisors. This module provides features to make agents more efficient, improve the customer experience, and adequately manage customer service issues.

Like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud includes features such as Accounts and Contacts management, which allows organizations to understand key contacts and better understand their customers. Service Cloud and Sales Cloud also offer basic case management features, which help businesses deliver a personalized sales experience, provide the right services, and better understand their customers’ support needs.

Unique features that Service Cloud offers include the following:

  • Strong Case Management Tools: Customer service representatives need robust case management tools to support client needs. Service Cloud allows these representatives to set up auto-response emails, automatically route customer request tickets to the right agent or team, and resolve issues efficiently.
  • Omnichannel Management: Customers may contact support teams through multiple channels, including phone, email, and text. Service Cloud integrates communication across multiple channels to ensure that customer requests do not go unnoticed. Using this feature, organizations can embed Live Chat on any web page, implement SMS support so customers can text customer service agents directly, and handle and route incoming support calls using Service Cloud Voice.
  • Knowledge Base Management: Customers often contact an organization with similar requests, which can be tedious to respond to. Service Cloud reduces manual labor by allowing customer service agents to create and manage knowledge bases, which automates customer service processes. As a result, agents can close tickets faster, customers can resolve their problems sooner, and trainees can understand their positions better.

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