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How Does the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Enhance Retail Execution?

January 4, 2022 in

Retail businesses need to operate many sectors. From inventory and brick-and-mortar sales to marketing and e-commerce, it can be difficult to manage retail businesses without an integrated industry solution. The Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is an exciting offering in Salesforce’s suite of business software. The company built the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud specifically to support the retail industry, offering greater functionality and comprehensive tools to manage every facet of the business.

What Is the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud?

The Consumer Goods Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps retail companies optimize their operations. It is also used by businesses across the consumer goods industry, including food and beverage, health and beauty, personal care, and more. 

The solution integrates all sectors of a business into one digital solution, helping unlock value and drive customer engagement. Sales representatives can use the Consumer Goods Cloud to boost productivity, strengthen engagement, and track each stage of the sales funnel.

Features and Benefits of the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

The Consumer Goods Cloud provides valuable features and benefits to retail sales managers and field representatives, including the following.

  • Efficient Field Planning: Many sales representatives need to visit multiple stores per day. The Consumer Goods Cloud includes tools that provide representatives with a prioritized list of store visits each day. The solution also provides a list of required and suggested activities so that employees understand the tasks that they need to complete each day.
  • Optimized Store Visits: In addition to planning for field travel, employees can use the Consumer Goods Cloud to optimize their visits to various stores. The solution provides employees to customizable templates, which users can leverage to keep track of their tasks. This solution ensures that every location receives the support it needs each day. 
  • Task Tracking and Time Management: On the Consumer Goods Cloud, sales representatives are able to effectively track their tasks and ensure that they complete all of their duties each day. This solution enables employees to plan their days for optimal efficiency. Managers can also use this tool to hold team members accountable for the tasks that they still need to complete, quickly resolving bottlenecks.
  • Einstein Analytics for Consumer Goods: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next phase of advanced retail operations. Using Einstein Analytics for Consumer Goods Cloud, sales representatives can analyze key performance indicators at a glance and deploy changes drive growth in certain areas. 
  • Einstein Vision for Consumer Goods Cloud: Employees can use Einstein Vision to optimize compliance and product placements. This solution uses advanced image recognition and object detection technology to facilitate these processes, streamlining inventory and merchandising compliance checks.

Speak to the Salesforce Implementation Specialists at HigherEchelon

If your retail business wants to enhance your operations, Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud can help. However, adopting a custom CRM platform can be a challenge without the knowledge and support of a Salesforce implementation specialists. In these situations, trust the experts at HigherEchelon.

Our team of Salesforce specialists have the skills, experience, and resources necessary to configure Consumer Goods Cloud to meet your business needs. We will facilitate a seamless deployment and implementation process, helping you and your organization get started on Salesforce as quickly as possible. 

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