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Recruiting: How to Integrate Indeed and Salesforce

February 9, 2021 in

Wouldn’t it be great if you could orchestrate your recruiting needs by leveraging Indeed.com’s job listing reach and maintain the control and configurability that Salesforce can deliver in one integrated solution? Actually, you can. We created a solution that gives clients the best of both worlds. Let’s start with Salesforce.

Our Customized Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Salesforce Solution

If you follow the HigherEchelon Salesforce implementation practice, you are aware that one of our specialties is configuring the platform to provide recruiting and applicant tracking functionality.

Salesforce Sales Cloud has many of the core objects needed for this scenario right out of the box: Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. With Salesforce’s Community Cloud (soon to be known as the Experience Cloud), an organization can create an externally accessible portal to post job listings and to enable a candidate to apply.

We have built solutions where a candidate can apply without having to enter a username or password, or where the candidate can submit an initial interest form to request an application. In the latter case, the organization can invite the candidate to a more formal application process after initial vetting. Typically, in this situation, we also enable a username and password to be used, which Salesforce makes economical through the Community Cloud login model.

Overall, what you get with our solution is the ability for a recruiter to create a position in Salesforce, post it to a Community site, and then have an external applicant apply. There is a *lot* more that we could write about this and how it can be extended; however, suffice it to say this is the core solution.

To learn more about these workflows, please see our recent whitepaper we co-authored with Salesforce: Modernizing the Employee Experience

Integrating with Indeed.com

Recently, we provided a simple way to enhance the base applicant tracking solution by integrating it with Indeed.com.

Indeed has a very large user base, and many of our customers already invest in their service for job postings. Indeed also provides a service where they can ‘scrape’ the web page of the job posting site that is maintained by your company and ‘mirror’ the postings on your site onto their site. Further, they can configure the Apply button on their postings to instead say “Apply on Company Site” and send the applicant directly to your application page.

This is a very helpful offering, and it allows companies to have the best of both worlds with the reach that Indeed provides with the control and configurability that Salesforce can deliver to orchestrate your recruiting needs.

Sound like something your organization would value? We can set this up for you. We’d love to discuss your needs. Call us at 866-488-9228 or fill out this form for a free consultation. Read our public reviews here.