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How Salesforce Optimizes Your Business Operations

December 9, 2021 in

Edited by: Katie Levy, Lead Salesforce Consultant, HigherEchelon, Inc.

Many companies track and retain information about customers. But what about using that data to get to know customers, to tell a story, even to understand where customers interact with your brand? The better your customer relationship management (CRM) tools are, the deeper your understanding of your customers will be, and the better their experience interacting with your company will be.

If you’re overwhelmed by customer data that doesn’t tell a story, frustrated by siloed departments that are unable to share data, or just hope to better understand who your customers are, Salesforce can help. It’s a powerful cloud-based CRM tool that can provide a 360-degree view of your customers on a platform that can be used by teams representing different departments, geographies, and more. Collaboration is easy, automation reduces the time for repetitive tasks, data is available in real-time for deep, thorough analysis, and ultimately, you build stronger relationships with your customers.

Salesforce can provide value for many organizations, but it is especially beneficial for businesses that want to simplify complex processes and enhance visibility across its activities.

If any of the pain points below resonate with you, it might be time to consider using Salesforce.

You’re Tired of On-Premises Solutions

If you’re running an on-premises CRM system, you understand the issues that can arise. Outages are frequent and costly, updates are difficult to install, and access to real-time information can be difficult to obtain. Scaling your CRM to support business growth also requires significant technology investments, and employees may need to be in the office to connect to the system.

Salesforce operates on the cloud using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) framework. This means that you can get new updates and features as soon as Salesforce releases them, helping you implement more advanced solutions without the manual effort. (Read about the latest Salesforce release here; they happen three times annually). Employees can access Salesforce at any location via an internet browser or Salesforce mobile app, and because Salesforce exists in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about managing or procuring servers to scale.

You Want Greater Operational Visibility

Having multiple siloed systems for different business workflows can lead to complications, inconsistencies, and bottlenecks. Teams need to be able to access the same information at the same time without waiting days or weeks to hear back from the relevant parties.

Salesforce integrates all your CRM processes in one location and provides users with varying levels of visibility into employee workloads. Managers can view data on their teams at a glance and provide guidance when needed. Stakeholders can leverage insights and analytics to execute value-generating decisions. Customer service teams can provide consistent, personalized experiences, and marketing teams can message the right person at the right time in the right way.

You Want to Maintain Consistency Across Business Processes

If you have teams using different, even incompatible business processes, Salesforce can help streamline and reinforce more consistent business processes. Upon standardization of or implementation of new processes, Salesforce provides tools to automate repetitive tasks, speed things up, enforce the following of those processes, and improve accuracy.

For example, if sequential approvals are required before sending a quote or contract to a customer, instead of exchanging multiple emails and versions of documents, automation can be used to enforce and track the approvals in Salesforce. Additionally, to ensure data accuracy, validations can be put in place to help team members track the right data and enforce protocols. Security settings can protect data, ensuring only team members who should see it can see it. And KPIs can be tracked to measure the effectiveness of your organization’s processes, identify areas for improvement, and ensure you are on track.

You Want to Understand Your Clients Better

Salesforce includes many advanced features, but its primary offering concerns the people who matter most to your business: your clients and customers. When teams begin using Salesforce, you have access to valuable customer data in one location, helping you visualize the entire journey from contact to conversion. If you want to gain deeper insights into your customer and client behavior and strategize solutions to meet their needs, Salesforce can provide you with the data that you need.

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