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What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

August 2, 2021 in

There are many technologies available for marketing professionals and other business stakeholders to streamline operates and strengthen their company’s offerings. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of these tools—this application is Salesforce’s platform for marketing automation and customer engagement. Using this software-as-a-service (SaaS) application can help businesses accelerate conversion rates and execute winning marketing campaigns.

How Does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Work?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides marketing professionals the tools they need to deliver relevant, personalized customer journeys across multiple channels and user experiences. This enables marketers to deliver the best possible messages across all stages of the customer journey. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can guide customers to conversion, helping grow your organization and strengthen your offerings.

Leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help all types of organizations develop stronger customer relationships and strengthen their marketing capabilities. This platform includes many valuable features for marketing professionals, including the following.

  • Journey Builder, an automation solution used to develop customizable, configurable customer journeys across multiple channels and devices
  • Advertising Studio: a solution that manages and optimizes acquisition, alignment, and retargeting campaigns
  • Email Studio: a space that helps marketers create customized email campaigns and track their performance
  • Data Studio: a solution that integrates data from multiple sources, enabling organizations to gain a more comprehensive view of their customers
  • Social Studio: a space to create customized social media campaigns that convert an organization’s followers into potential leads

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

There are multiple benefits to using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including improved insight on customer behaviors and a streamlined customer journey. Using this platform, you can connect data from different sources and devices to gain a single unified view of the customer. This provides your organization with profound knowledge on the people you serve. You can also use this platform to track key measurements along the customer journey across multiple devices and channels, helping you better understand your campaign performance.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud also comes with extensive integration capabilities, coming with various APIs and connections to other Salesforce services, such as Service Cloud and Sales Cloud. Using this data, you can develop stronger marketing campaigns and execute smarter decisions. You can also leverage data on Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enable complex audience building and segmentation, which you can use to develop personalized marketing campaigns.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud also enables customization with artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Using the built-in AI tool Einstein, you can create customized communications with your customers based on their unique relationships with your organization. There are multiple applications within Einstein that enable advanced capabilities, including the following.

  • Engagement frequency features, which help marketers predict how many messages to send to each customer
  • Engagement scoring, which automatically predicts which customers are the most likely to interact with marketing messages
  • Sent time optimization, which determines the optimal time to send a marketing message to each customer, increasing read rates

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