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How Medical Professionals & Patients Benefit from the Health Cloud

January 4, 2022 in

The medical industry requires secure, sophisticated, and comprehensive digital solutions. When supporting patients, connectivity and flexibility is key, but many healthcare providers struggle to find software that is both compliant and agile. 

In 2021, Salesforce released Health Cloud 2.0, an integrated suite of solutions designed to help businesses and government agencies in the healthcare sector. Using Health Cloud 2.0, healthcare organizations can improve care and safety for patients, communities, employees, and more with advanced tools and capabilities.

Key Features of the Health Cloud

The Salesforce Health Cloud is an industry-specific customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for the medical industry. Using Health Cloud 2.0, government agencies and private entities that offer patient care gain access to valuable features that can help manage their operations.

Key features of the Salesforce Health Cloud include the following.

  • Intelligent Appointment Management: On a user-friendly interface, employees responsible for handling patient appointments can schedule and manage appointment calendars on a user-friendly interface. In just one click, schedulers can find the next available slot and access key patient information to quickly input an appointment.
  • Patient Benefit Verification: Verifying patient benefits can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. On Health Cloud 2.0, providers can integrate benefit verification into their scheduling and treatment workflows. As a result, providers can easily identify what types of treatment that a patient qualifies for during each stage of care.
  • Medication Management: Health Cloud 2.0 includes a user-friendly platform to help providers better manage their patients’ medications. Using this integrated solutions, providers and care coordinators can view a list of medications and data about specific drugs from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Benefits of Health Cloud 2.0 for Healthcare Professionals

With Health Cloud 2.0, medical professionals can unlock key benefits to support patient care during each stage of their journeys. For example, health insurance companies can use the solution to deploy member care management programs and leverage member data to create personalized interactions. 

Healthcare providers gain a 360-degree view of their patient data, which enables them to stay up to date on a patient’s condition during each stage of treatment. This solution makes it easier to develop a custom care plan and coordinate with different caregivers and specialists. With greater access to information, medical professionals can deliver high levels of patient care and enhance the quality of their service.

How Patients Benefit from the Salesforce Health Cloud

Using Health Cloud 2.0, patients can receive extremely comprehensive care from their doctors. This can improve overall outcomes and generate positive experiences. Health Cloud 2.0 may also help patients receive a higher quality of care overall.

For example, the medication management solution can help reduce drug errors that often lead to severe injury for patients. Because medical professionals can view data about interactions, dosing, and a patient’s potential reaction to a drug, fewer errors may occur. 

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