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Can Salesforce Be Used for Recruiting?

May 1, 2021 in

Salesforce is an all-inclusive tool that serves a variety of use cases for businesses, from sales and marketing to analytics and customer service. For the recruitment industry, this customer relationship management (CRM) platform offers multiple solutions for prospect organization, new employee onboarding, human resource management, and more. By implementing Salesforce’s suite of tools into your organization, you can streamline your recruiting process and improve the workplace experience for your new hires.

Salesforce Can Speed Up the Hiring Process

Recruiters can struggle to retain and hire prospective employees for several reasons. In many cases, a candidate denies a job offer because the company took too long to respond to his or her application – and in the meantime, the candidate accepted another position at another company. For organizations in the public sector, more stringent vetting processes are required, leading to a lengthier hiring timeline.

In these situations, advanced recruiting tools from Salesforce can help. With these resources, businesses can automate and streamline their recruitment processes so that they can assess candidates and make hiring decisions at a faster pace.

Salesforce Reduces the Administrative Burden

For recruiters, handling smaller tasks such as preparing candidate profiles, sharing information across departments, and communicating with potential employees takes up a significant portion of their time. This prevents recruiters from focusing on ways to enhance the candidate experience and attract the best talent to their organizations. However, Salesforce automates several of these administrative tasks, which helps recruiters become more efficient.

Salesforce Streamlines the Candidate Experience

If multiple pieces of software are involved, applying for a job and joining a new organization can be a stressful process. Some candidates may become frustrated and stressed during the recruitment process, which may lead to higher attrition rates. With a fully integrated platform that handles all aspects of recruitment, however, candidates and recruitment professionals alike can streamline the process. As a result, candidates are happier during the hiring process and gain a more favorable view of the organization.

Salesforce Provides Greater Control Over the Recruitment Funnel

To recruit new employees, organizations often have to follow a process similar to the sales and marketing funnel. They will need to raise awareness about their positions and company culture, find the right candidates for these positions, and convert these candidates into employees through the recruitment process.

However, disparate and siloed processes can prevent recruiters from making fast, efficient decisions. Using a fully integrated suite of Salesforce tools, however, organizations retain greater control over each stage. The recruiting team, human resources department, and the team hiring the new position can use Salesforce to gain visibility into the candidate pool, helping drive data-informed decisions.

When a new employee joins the organization, these teams can use Salesforce to track his or her progress and ensure that he or she feels integrated into the work environment. This may improve retention rates and enhance employee engagement, which creates a stronger and more efficient organizational culture.

Implement Salesforce With HigherEchelon

Salesforce is a unique platform that can serve a variety of use cases for business, from recruiting and onboarding to day-to-day project management. In these situations, you need a specialist who has proven skills in deploying, configuring, and customizing Salesforce—and HigherEchelon can help. We have helped organizations across industries and sectors take advantage of this platform and expand their capabilities. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about the Salesforce implementation process.