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Federal Capital Partners – Developing Customized Management Systems

Background: Federal Capital Partners (FCP), founded in 1999, is a privately held real estate investment company with over $6 billion in assets. FCP invests in commercial and residential assets making equity and mezzanine investments in income producing properties. HigherEchelon’s, Inc. (HE) work for FCP allowed the capture, tracking, and reporting of property income and purchase / sale transactions.

Problem: FCP has two distinct business: Deal Management and Investor Relations. They essentially operate independent of each other. Each business unit has specific functionality and data visibility requirements. The starting conditions for each business were the following:

Deal Management
  • Property transactions and pipeline management were conducted manually in Excel.
  • Communication, tracking and data view / analysis were minimal and potentially out-of-date during the asset acquisition process across the business pipelines, geographical markets, and asset classes.
Investor Relations
  • Capabilities to track investor activity and associated documentation across funds, fund commitments, fund closings, and legal entities were disparate and noncentralized.
  • No capabilities to report on communications and interactions with investors.

Solution: Leveraged Salesforce’s Sales Cloud features, within Lightning, to develop applications with tailored functionality to each business unit’s requirements. HE used a combination of record types within standard account, contact, and opportunity objects to deliver sales pipeline tracking capabilities. HE built and implemented an account hierarchy to address complex relationships coupled with sharing rules, custom user profiles, and custom page layouts to restrict data visibility. We created custom objects to log, relate, and track investor relations data specific to investment funds, legal entities, and investor commitments. We implemented the Salesforce mobile app, Lightning for Outlook, and Outlook Inbox and then developed custom reports, dashboards, and home pages with real-time visibility and tracking. Finally, HE implemented Cases to track and resolve investor issues.