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Who We Are

Who We Are | People, Process, Technology

HigherEchelon's MISSION is to optimize organizational performance to meet the rapidly changing, complex and often ambiguous requirements of today’s world.


  • Developing Resilient and Adaptive Leaders
  • Implementing Transformational Engineering & Technology Solutions
  • Modernizing and Enhancing Processes

HE’s competitive edge is our ability to bring these three domains together to maximize human and organizational performance

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Our VISION is to be our clients’ premier trusted partner in achieving organizational excellence

Our people are industry experts who work alongside clients to create winning strategies that support improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Our ideal vision includes high-performing teams, using efficient processes, in a culture that supports and drives the business strategy.

Our team is client-focused, collaborative, and solution-oriented.

As professionals in training, technology, and engineering solutions we provide our clients the tools and skills required to be transformational leaders, digitally transform organizations, and lead through continuous change.


We pride ourselves on embracing and embodying the values we instill in clients. To achieve this we:

  • Constantly LEARN in our fields and from each other
  • Deliberately GROW our character and competence so we are better every day
  • Rapidly ADAPT to solve complex customer challenges
  • Consistently LEAD ourselves first through high personal standards that inspire excellence in others

Our Approach to Organizational Excellence

Transformational Leadership

Great leaders are not only defined by the success they achieve but also by the impact they have on their team members. While there are many approaches to leadership, the most impactful and engaging style of leadership in the modern workplace is transformational leadership.

Today’s digital business environment requires leaders who can lead through rapid, continuous change to keep the organization relevant.

Transformational leadership encourages innovation, education, and collaborative and clear communication—all of which are hallmarks of leading in complex situations.

Through our program, the Resilient and Adaptable Leader©, we coach leaders on the behaviors associated with transformational leadership.

These behaviors encourage, inspire and motivate employees to innovate and create change that will help grow and shape the future success of the company. Our experts work with your team to identify and evaluate the skills, culture, and tools necessary for your organization to excel in the modern, digital work environment.

Read more about our programs and how we help your organization’s leaders become the change agents you need them to be on our Human Capital Services page.

Digital Transformation

In today’s competitive and fast-changing environment, organizations must strive to serve their customers more effectively while efficiently using resources. This often requires a digital transformation.

Digital Transformation involves the utilization of technology to enable an organization to improve work environments, enhance business processes, and optimize methods of customer service.

Digitally transforming an organization can create competitive advantages and cost savings, but it will also result in organizational challenges that stem from massive change efforts.  Accordingly, effective Digital Transformation requires several core capabilities: strong leadership with vision and resilience, a deep understanding of the organization’s operations and objectives, knowledge and expertise of business processes, and finally a thorough understanding of technological capabilities with forethought into how these evolve over time.

HigherEchelon is one of the premier companies that brings together expertise in leadership, change, and technology to deliver digital transformations for its clients.

We couple our technological service offerings with our expertise in human capital to provide a holistic solution. Our services enhance and modernize your business and ensure effective implementations.

Read more about our technology services that can digitally transform your organization.

Change Management

Our solutions in leader development and technology uniquely position us to understand your challenges and provide a holistic approach to managing change.

We work directly with our clients to define their change management strategy, identify and empower internal change sponsors, leverage and identify technological capabilities, and collect data at each stage to ensure success that reinforces desired outcomes. At HigherEchelon, we develop leaders and leverage innovative technology within your organization to manage change and help you remain relevant in the modern workplace.

Read more about our Change Management Solutions on our Human Capital Services page.

Solving Your Complex Challenges

We approach solutions from a 360° perspective and based on industry best practices and acclaimed research to ensure that your desired outcomes are achieved. Additionally, we offer unique expertise and industry experience that breeds innovative solutions customized to your needs.

We are the premier partner in achieving organizational excellence, bridging the gap between where clients are and where they want to be.

Get in touch today to learn how we partner with leaders and teams to get to the next level of excellence.