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Past Performance Analysis and Tracking Powered by Salesforce

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Your Competition is Tracking Past Performance. Is Your Organization Keeping Up?

When we think of metrics and data, it’s usually the hard numbers that jump out at us the most to shape how we feel about project success. Did we meet our sales quota? How many positive reviews do we have? How much profit was made? (Or worse), how much profit was lost? But sometimes the most important takeaways from a project are the ones we verbalize with our team over another cup of coffee in the afternoon after the final deliverable has been met and the project is complete – important takeaways like “what did we learn?” and “how can we do things a little better next time?”

Salesforce makes it easy to establish a customized evaluation system where teams collect and organize project feedback that eventually becomes a case study knowledge base used to guide processes for future projects and goals. This agile, better-every-time mindset is something HigherEchelon helps companies integrate into their project processes to drive innovative and transformative products that yield results. Our Past Performance solution built in Salesforce becomes a catalyst for organizational success by capturing and tracking self-reflective data points in your Salesforce org, allowing team members to collaborate and contribute to Past Performance KPIs, while also allowing managers and executives to quickly pull up project Past Performance evaluations to understand each project’s level of success and effectively communicate Past Performance metrics to current and future clients.

Deliver Value and Drive Results with Our Past Performance Solution in Salesforce

Did we measurably deliver value? This is the question you may be asking yourself (or your team), and a robust Past Performance analysis tool will help you answer it. Where your Project Management Portal helps you track ongoing deliverables, Past Performance tracking will guide the post-delivery project debrief phase to ultimately help analyze the effectiveness of your processes  – what worked, what didn’t, and what was accomplished. Too often, teams are whisked away to the next project before properly reflecting on the last one, and the opportunity for a top-of-mind data dump is lost. When you fail to qualitatively define a project in hindsight, you miss out on understanding observational metrics like:

  • Accomplishments – what was accomplished for the customer? How did we enable the accomplishments or find new ways for them to win?
  • Efficiency – what resources were employed to complete the project? What technical skills were needed and used?
  • Project complexities – how difficult and complex was the work? How did the team manage and overcome obstacles?
  • Quality of work – what actions were taken to ensure quality delivery of work? What were the outcomes?
  • Solutions and results – was the problem identified by the client, or by us? What was done to correct it?

Employee Support Drives Business Growth

At HigherEchelon, we believe that supporting employees and processes are cornerstones of successful, long term business growth. We created our Past Performance solution because we’re passionate about creating mechanisms that achieve this. Overlooking and undervaluing these qualitative data points can be detrimental to project success, but manually gathering subjective data is time consuming and difficult to coordinate in a timely manner when teams are busy and spread out across departments.

When time is of the essence, HigherEchelon can help you customize a feedback loop using Past Performance to capitalize on insights, ensuring your company is capturing the human experiences and observations of the project phase to gather data used to make predictions about ROI and future performance. Once you’ve started to gather the data necessary to build a repository of Past Performance information, your Past Performance solution built in Salesforce can suggest relevant past projects for your current contracts, thus helping you make informed decisions during planning stages for more accurate ROI predictions. This is a powerful piece of your operational readiness that can put your team ahead of the competition.

What Sets HigherEchelon Apart from the Pack?

HigherEchelon’s experts in digital transformation and change management can help you effectively combine your quantitative and qualitative datapoints using the power of Salesforce, allowing your organization to have a bulletproof understanding of your core competencies. By discovering the right mix of people and processes through Past Performance analysis, your organization will uncover targeted results, a roadmap to win business in the future, proficiencies to capitalize on, and deficiencies to improve upon (see our credential management solutions for more information).

HigherEchelon is an award-winning Crest-level Salesforce Consulting Partner that solves a full range of Talent Management challenges and drastically improves workflows through custom Salesforce implementations. We relieve organizational headaches by replacing burdensome processes and harnessing the power of the Salesforce Platform so organizations can save time, money, and enjoy an updated system long-term.

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Our Salesforce team will work with you to understand and document your Past Performance tracking needs, provide constant feedback, and progress updates through development in an Agile and iterative fashion, and finally demo the product before a seamless release into your Salesforce environment. Even after the release of the new system into your Salesforce environment, we keep in touch to ensure your solution remains effective and well-oiled for the long term.

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