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Comprehensive Digital Transformation Services

Client Review: 5/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

HigherEchelon’s team is extremely professional and high caliber. They are very knowledgeable on the Salesforce platform, while offering solutions to business problems. That’s a hard mix as most partners tend to be over indexed in one particular way. HigherEchelon knew how to leverage the platform to solve our business needs.

– Client, Financial Services Sector, public review on Salesforce AppExchange

Call us at 866-488-9228, email us at Solutions@localhost, or fill out this form so we may discuss your Digital Transformation needs.

Change is difficult, but so is realizing you are falling behind.

Is your organization’s technology out of date? Are processes that should be automated through digitization still handled manually? Are you falling behind competitors who are using systems that scale and adapt more effectively?

We get it — there is never a “good time” for changes that can feel disruptive. But if delaying a digital transformation costs your organization valuable time, resources, market share, and more, can you afford to wait?

If you know your organization needs an effective digital transformation, but you do not know where to begin, how your business operations might be impacted during a large-scale transition, or how to lead your team to embrace such a change, HigherEchelon can help.

What is it costing you to avoid a digital transformation?

What would it be worth to your organization to reduce hundreds or thousands of hours spent on individual processes each year? What customer insights could your sales, marketing, research and development, and customer service departments use to drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction with fine-tuned data analytics? How would your organization-wide bandwidth improve if central repositories of information were available instead of siloed, manual systems that do not update in real time?

HigherEchelon can assist your organization by helping streamline time-consuming, redundant, inefficient, and frustrating technology and processes that impede your business growth.

It’s not just the digital transformation. It’s the people’s transformation, too.

What sets HigherEchelon apart: We are so much more than just a technology service provider.

Not only are we expert technologists who power complete digital transformations to drive client business success using the Salesforce platform, but we also have world-class experts to assist your organization with the inevitable human capital challenges that accompany change initiatives.

We know changes in technology and systems are only part of the puzzle. Digital transformations for companies can create competitive advantages and cost savings but can also result in organizational challenges that stem from massive change efforts. For maximum effectiveness, successful digital transformations require several core leadership capabilities:

  • Strong leadership with vision and resilience
  • A deep understanding of the organization’s operations and objectives
  • Knowledge and expertise in business processes
  • A thorough understanding of technological capabilities with forethought into how needs and technology evolve.

Our team of organizational change management experts and Ph.D.-level organizational psychology consultants have experience leading massive digital transformation change initiatives for major organizations that successfully instituted change and ensured lasting adoption.

When it comes to supporting an organization’s team through change, we accomplish successful digital transformations by training leadership in the key attributes they must embody and the actions they must take to effectively lead through change. Using the Prosci change management framework, we also guide the organization’s entire team through planning for and executing change efforts to ensure the change sticks.

HigherEchelon is one partner that can do it all.

We advise and consult. Our clients lean on our extensive business understanding and strategic know-how for long-term advice that maximizes an organization’s technology investment (like Salesforce) and ensures success.

We provide organizational change management and governance support. Digital transformation can fail without proper planning. We help set up centers of excellence through world-class change management and governance training.

We train for long-term adoption. On-staff Ph.D.-level consultants and curriculum developers provide training that drives lasting behavior change needed for long-term adoption.

Our specific expertise sets us apart. We have extensive experience serving manufacturing, technology, professional services, and government contracting clients. We have also built unique Talent Management solutions for Recruiting, Employee Onboarding, Applicant Tracking, and Employee Portals that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our unique system provides end-to-end digital transformations.

HigherEchelon is the ONLY Salesforce Implementation Partner offering the Resilient & Adaptable Leader – Digital Transformation© (RAO-DT) system, bringing together expertise in leadership, change management, and technology to deliver a robust, one-stop-shop solution to solve the full range of technical and human capital challenges inherent to digital transformations in our signature ten-step process:

Our competitive edge resides in our ability to bring people, processes, and technology together to achieve next-level results.

Our Salesforce team has the technical expertise to deliver an outstanding Salesforce implementation solution. Our Human Capital Services team has the change management expertise to ensure your team embraces the new technology.

Read more about how we partner with organizations to build a Salesforce-powered platform that can significantly impact business performance.

Is your Digital Transformation powered by Salesforce?

Countless organizations are powering their digital transformations with Salesforce and require Salesforce implementation partners to help them get the most out of their investment and implement all of Salesforce’s incredible functionality.

Our approach saves you time, money, and future headaches

The best Salesforce consulting solution provides strategic front-end planning and one-stop-shop accountability that prevents clients from costly and time-consuming re-dos or the need to bring in multiple consultants.

We provide front-end strategic planning for future use cases & needs that minimizes potential design conflicts and costly back-tracking that can occur without experienced forward thinking.

We provide cost-effective long-term solutions through a click-not-code approach. We utilize standard functionality everywhere possible for codeless custom functionality that integrates with future Salesforce updates. When custom code seems necessary, we collaborate with clients to navigate the pros & cons before development.

We provide one-stop-shop capabilities so you don’t have to work with multiple vendors whose solutions may not integrate.

Call us at 866-488-9228, email us at Solutions@localhost, or fill out this form so we may discuss your needs.

Client Review: 5/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We brought HigherEchelon onboard to help us thoughtfully and quickly implement new capabilities across our Salesforce instance. Their expertise, especially in the private equity space, was extremely valuable… they were extremely responsive to our needs and requests, including being onsite to help troubleshoot development or our production roll-out to the business. HigherEchelon consistently worked to our schedule and scope and delivered a product on time and within budget.

– Brian Cohn, Director of Information Technology, Federal Capital Partners


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