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Struggling to Keep Track of and Resolve Support Requests?

If you work in Information Technology (IT), Human Resources (HR), Communications, or any department employees frequently reach out to for support, you know how overwhelming it can be to address and keep track of support requests, especially without a formal support tracking system.

Additionally, if you have ever reached out to a department for support as an employee, you know how difficult it can be to figure out who to ask, how to follow up, and when you can expect a request for help to be answered.

When support team members become overwhelmed, lose track of emails, and struggle to rank requests for help in order of urgency and priority, there is a natural downturn in ineffective support and a ripple effect throughout the organization. When employees struggle to get the help they need, engagement, morale, and even the services an organization provides to its customers can suffer.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are easy-to-implement solutions that ease the burden on support departments, prevent bottlenecks, and support great employee service.

Most organizations require an implementation partner to help them maximize their Salesforce investment and see all of its benefits.

Let Us Revolutionize Your Support Operation Through Automation.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth automating and streamlining, particularly when automation saves you and your organization time, money, email storage space, and blows to employee morale and customer experience due to disorganized support systems.

According to research conducted by Salesforce, 77% of US adults say the most important thing that a company can do to provide them good service is to value their time. Time is precious, whether you are a customer or an employee of an organization. With this increasing demand for timely employee support services, companies are feeling the rising pressure to show their employees that their time is valued through effective, timely, and efficient support.

What Is an Automated Support Ticket System, and Why Does Your Organization Need One?

The term “support ticket system” refers to a computer software package or cloud-based solution that handles a wide variety of issues and recommendations for your organization. It is ultimately a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to aid your company in handling employee requests more efficiently.

Our team of experts can help your organization better support your employees through an automated support ticket system. Our Salesforce platform-based solution streamlines how organizations manage support requests and increases visibility into open items.

We can implement customer support processes and ticket automation to allow employees to easily submit support requests through a user-friendly interface, automatically route those requests to the right people and departments, and store all support information in one place.

This design enables support team members to triage and respond to requests easily, enables employees to follow along with solution progress, and allows real-time communication. All parties involved stay informed, and the process scales easily to accommodate any volume of support requests.

The functionality can be made available to all employees as the primary channel to submit non-critical Information Technology (IT) requests, software assistance, Human Resource (HR) assistance, continuous improvement (CI) recommendations, and much more. By simply clicking on a button found on the employee portal, employees can submit a support ticket that is automatically routed to the correct recipient, and the ticket is recorded in an easy-to-read list for easy access throughout the ticket lifecycle.

Internal Support Done Right Using Salesforce.

Our team of experts can work with your organization’s existing Salesforce implementation or set up a new Salesforce instance to support your ticketing system needs. We work with organizations to understand the types of support provided, the support ticket workflow, which departments should be set up to receive support requests, any required automations or email alerts, and more. Once we understand the requirements, we take care of all the technical solutioning and set-up. And from there, the benefits are clear:

  • The cloud-based Salesforce platform provides instant access to all ticket data, and can be set up to provide so much more to make ticket resolution faster and easier
  • This type of solution provides smoother internal communication channels, including the ability to have transparent, documented conversations on a ticket, about a ticket, for easy information exchange
  • Live status updates, improved customer service, and automated routing help get the ticket to the right department the first time, and keep all interested parties in the loop
  • With the Salesforce platform’s flexibility, organizations have the option to automate as much as needed, including processes that take in employee requests to update personal information and automatically propagate those changes throughout the platform
  • Ticket alerts can be set up to ensure no ticket goes unnoticed, or forgotten, and tickets can be closed automatically according to predefined rules
  • Customizable ticket analytics, dashboards, and reporting capabilities help your organization understand trends and where process improvements might be needed

These are just a few of the many ways support automation through Salesforce ultimately saves your company time and money. Instead of employing extra people to monitor and sort emails, automated support ticket software can perform these tasks and get them to the right audience without risking the element of human error.

Why HigherEchelon?

When choosing a partner, we know that you have many quality options. The decision should not be taken lightly; the quality of your implementation partner will determine the success of your project and the adoption of new tools. Some Salesforce implementation partners are good, others are better, and some, like HigherEchelon, have a track record of implementing large-scale solutions for businesses big and small that have resulted in measurable, replicable results clients can trust.

Read more about our Salesforce Implementation Solutions

Our Salesforce team will work with you to understand and document your specific support ticketing needs, provide constant feedback and progress updates through development in an Agile and iterative fashion, and demo the product prior to a seamless release into your Salesforce environment. Even after the release of the new system into your Salesforce environment, we keep in touch to ensure your solution remains effective and set up for success in the long term.

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